Qurtubah Restaurant

Photos of the restaurant

Our restaurant

Atmosphere which makes the place magic

In the historic centre of Cordoba

Our restaurant is located inside the old town of the city of Cordoba, very close to the Mosque.
Immerse yourself in this very special place, a spectacular space with the fabulous design, ornaments and decorative details that characterize the Arabic restaurants.

Enjoy the best cuisine

The Qurtubah Restaurant will immerse you in the special and exotic flavours of the Arabic cuisine, as we know how to masterfully use the typical flavours of the Arabic recipes. Try our delicious pastry that suits your appetite. You cannot miss the opportunity to try our delicious gastronomy.

Varied restaurant menu

Among our specialities can be found the Falafel croquettes, a type of croquette made with chickpeas, garlic and coriander. The Shawarma is another delicacy consisting of thin slices of lamb roasted vertically and wrapped in pita bread, and of course, also our pastries with nuts.

Street Cespedes, 8
14003 – Cordoba
Opening Hours
12:00 AM – 12:00 PM